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So all that school shit the other day fucking SUCKED. She told me I had to take a 4 hour test for all the subjects, when I told the dumb bitch I only needed credits left for History and a Couple Science courses. I guess that didn't get through her head. *rolls eyes* It's whatever, school isn't important to me anymore... I'll just be a loser working in retail for the rest of my life.

Neal and I still aren't doing well. His phone has now been turned off, so I have pretty much NO way of contacting him. We have to stay in touch by the times we see each other. Like I'm seeing him tonight, than after tonight he just pretty much has to tell me a day and time he want's to see me, than it's pretty much if he shows up or not. It fucking sucks, but it's whatever, everything is always shitty.

Life is shitty
I hate everything right now.
And I have for quite some time now.
When will my fucking good day come?!
Jesus fucking christ!!

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