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Another Beginning?

Damn, I can't even begin to say how many of these LiveJournal thing's I've had in the past, plus a whole bunch of Xanga's. I figured I'd try this out once again, but I probably won't end up writing in it that much since I'm a huge Myspace user. I mean, I don't really want anybody to read this, it's kind of just for myself, but I'm sure somebody will eventually come along and find it, than everybody will know about it, so I'll just bare with it for the time being.

I have had so much on my mind lately and it's driving me fucking crazy. Everytime I try and be a nice caring person and think about other people besides myself, somehow I still alway's feel like an asshole. I try to do anything I can for other people but somehow, I always get fucking shit on. I've been thinking about a lot of people I used to hang out with here recently, and yeah, a part of me misses them, but at the same time I don't ever want to fucking speak to them again. I have never been the type of person to sit there and hold grudges, but I really feel used/cheated by all of them, and I've actually been much better off without them. Plus, it's not like they ever think of me, so why should I give any of them the fucking time of day. I was born alone, and I will die alone. All I can rely on is myself, and I think I'm actually one of the only people at my age that can actually fucking realize that. It hurts, but it's the truth and you just gotta face it.

Work is going well. I'm going to take some test next week so I can get set up with online school courses once again. Umm... it's almost that time of year!! =] Halloween is right around the corner and I cannot fucking wait! Tis' my favorite time of year.... but I guess you couldn't tell that? Hahahah. But no, I'm super excited. I get to dress up like a slut for work, ha. But I'm no slut.... >.<. 

Meeeeep! I hope I get over being sick, aswell. This fucking shit blocking up my throat and lungs to where I can hardly breathe.. SUCKS! I mean granted my nose and eyes aren't watering like they were, but it's all down in my chest now, and it hurts. I cough and end up sounding like a 90yr. old woman who is about to pass. Terrible. 

I think I might get another tattoo this weekend with the paycheck that I'm getting tomorrow. I'm not quite sure what I want to get. I'm thinking about getting the Misfits skull above my Jack tattoo and just a little off centered to my right. I dunno, than my other arm will look even more naked than it does now, but I don't exactly want to get anything on that arm for awhile considering all the scars on there and the ones that haven't even fully healed yet, I'm pretty sure that would hurt like fucking hell. 

Alright, enough babbling, gotta run up to the movie store.


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