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Early times.

Yeah, so I don't know why I always gotta post in this thing so early in the morning, lol. I guess it's just the time that I happen to be the most awake.

So, I saw one of the most amazing movies ever this morning before work, called "The Ultimate Gift", it really touched my heart.... yeah I know, really cheesy right? But, I ended up going out tonight and spending like $22 buying and I made Neal watch it with me, he loved it as well.

Today was a pretty good day at work, kinda long. Makes me yearn for Halloween to get here even sooner. I truely cannot wait, Halloween is just the greatest time of the year... I mean fall in general is just AMAZING. I love how everything changes colors and than dies, and the smell of dead leaves, with the burning essence.... I just think it's so beautiful. *goes off into a daze* lol.

I have to work tomorrow 2:30-Close... but Neal and I are hanging out ahead of time before work, I'll end up falling asleep at his house in his arms, as always. =] Than on Monday I have to get up at like 8AM and go take that school thing than go to work directly afterwards... so my schedule is finally filling up and like I've said before, I'm starting to feel like I'm not such a loser anymore. *grunt* Nobody want's to be a loser....
and if you do... well, you have problems, haha, but don't we all?

Alright, I'm fucking babbling and I swear... I hope nobody reads this.. I sound rediculous.
Also, I can't believe that I've actually kept up with writing in this thing for more than like a day, haha. Usually that's about how long it lasts before I realize it's really pointless and that pretty much anybody can find it at like any time.... gay. But seriously, go me for actually keeping up with something for once. Woohoo.

Well, I'm out.
Happy Halloween & Merry Christmas Motherfuckerrrrrrrs.


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